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Each "secret recipe" batch is made from scratch with only the finest ingredients.
Our gourmet toffee is cooked in small batches to ensure the highest attention to quality control and customer satisfaction.
  So think about sending Toffee Treats when    you want to remember that sweet someone! 
"The toffee is absolutely the best I have ever tasted!!! Doesn’t stick to your teeth like most toffee’s and very fresh and delicious! All of my coworkers loved it to! I will definitely order again."
John Smith


a traditional toffee favorite


An infusion of pralines and almonds, this toffee is sure settle that sweet tooth


a colorful collection of mint and chocolate to brighten anyones day


A tropical treat that stimulates the senses


A savory experience that will bring you back for more


A coffee kick to boost your day

Delivered right to your door!

$6.99 - small (3oz)

$12.99 - medium (7oz)

$24.99 - large (12oz)

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